Focusing on product safety, the core products of Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd. have obtained multiple international authoritative certifications such as UL9540A

Time:2021 06 14


During the Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Energy Exhibition in 2021, Ruipu Energy Co., Ltd.’s LFP280Ah Plus battery products passed the UL9540A certification, and it is one of the few companies that have obtained the highest safety standards in North America. The UL9540A thermal runaway flame spread safety assessment certification is one of the most stringent safety certifications in the world. The certification fully demonstrates Ruipu Energy’s high pursuit of product safety and also provides a strong guarantee for customers to seize the market in the global energy storage field. LFP50Ah battery cell products have obtained UL1973 certification and Japanese SII Battery Subsidy/Disaster Prevention certification. In Japan, energy storage products using Ruipu Energy batteries can receive Japanese government subsidies. The SII single battery subsidy target standard/disaster prevention countermeasure standard requires the battery to stop fire and smoke during the acupuncture process, which can be regarded as the most difficult experiment in the lithium battery industry. Ruipu Energy has mastered the core technology for batteries to prevent fire and smoke.
In order to better expand overseas markets, Ruipu Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TÜV Rheinland Germany. In the future, we will carry out cooperation in battery safety, standard testing and training, and work together to set higher goals for the development of lithium battery products. .